Reading books mindfully

Did you know that reading fiction books may turn into a more mindful process?

For years I’ve been scrolling down passages without highlighting them. I wasn’t writing notes inside my books. Those pages were almost sacred for me – how could I ruin them? And I’ve heard some other people were having the same belief. Yet, one day I saw a YouTube video. A girl there claimed that if she didn’t make any notes/highlight/put a colorful sticker she wouldn’t completely understand and memorize what she read. Thus, I decided to try this approach and came up with a few highlighting colors where each one has a meaning.

Pink – very important

Blue – something I deem meaningful and applicable aka personal thoughts

Green – questions/check it out/do research

Yellow – highlighting passages

Orange – practice/applicable in real life

* (You can always come up with your own system)

When I highlight something my brain commits to memorize what I encountered a moment ago. Also, I can always go back to specific pages, reread something and it’s right there – flashing brightly in front of my eyes.  I like going back to what I highlighted and think about the sentence once again. So I’m not scared anymore to highlight expressions I find important. Moreover, I’m surprised it took me awhile to reach that point.

Sometimes I put an exclamation mark beside a word or phrase I find enriching. That gives me an easier access to it afterward. I tend to write down those words or phrases in the notes on my iPhone or in a notebook if I have one nearby. It helps me to savor those thoughts later. Furthermore, I can put sticky notes if needed.

All these tips helped me to read with forethought and absorb more.  I also learned how to apply what I read to my life by going back and contemplating. These are great tools for a mindful reading.



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